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Shi Miao Dian 释妙滇 (Shì miào diān)

shi_heng_jun_-_shi_miao_dian_-_fa_wang_si_-_shaolin_siindexGREEK_FLAG_BIGTeacher Miao Dian 妙滇 (Miào diān) was born in 1977, in Athens. At a very young age he tasted the bitter side of life and lived his first years in the largest orphanage in Athens. The George Chatzikonsta orphanage.

Later he was forced to migrate along with his father in Germany where he began being taught Shaolin Gong Fu, under the strict supervision of his guardian and teacher Liang Che, until his teacher passed away.

His love for martial arts led him three times to the Song Mountain, in China. Twice with his teacher and once after his teacher’s death, which proved to be the most important of all. There he became the disciple of master Heng Jun 恒君 (Héng jūn). Under the guidance and the teachings of his teacher he was brought forward to the abbot Yan Fo 延佛 (Yán fú) of the Fa Wang monastery 法王寺 (Fǎ wáng sì), a 34th generation senior teacher of the monastery.

In 25-08-2005 teacher Heng Jun gave him the commission of Shaolin apostle along with the name Miao Dian a 36th generation shaolin.

At the end of 2005 the Shaolin monastery along with teacher Heng Jun approve the transition of the teacher Miao Dian to Greece in order to establish a center of training in Shaolin Gong Fu with the official name, Greek Shaolin Gong Fu School of Worldy Apostles 希腊少林俗家弟子武术会 (Xīlà shàolín sújiā dìzǐ wǔshù huì).

shi_miao_dian_-_shi_yan_ao_-_shaolin_templeTeacher Miao Dian continues to study up to today in Shaolin monastery under the supervision of his teacher Yan Ao 延奥 (Yán ào), with the blessings of the abbot Yong Xin 永信 (Yǒng xìn).

As a teacher he has a significant number of students in Greece and a considerable number of foreign students in China who travel every summer to meet him.

shi_miao_dian_-_xila_shaolin_-_hatzikonstaSince 2011 he officially teaches children from the largest orphanage in Athens, which currently looks after more than 288 children. This orphanage is one of the oldest charity institutes in Greece since 1853.

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Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple's Union in Greece
Ελληνική Ένωση Κοσμικών Αποστόλων του Ναού Σαολίν


Ιπποδάμειας 79 Ίλιον 
Μιάο Ντιέν 妙滇 (Miào diān) 210 2693754 - 694 0075311

Ιάσονος Μαράτου 14 Ζωγράφου
Ιωάννης Καναβός 697 3965266


Καθολικών 4 (κέντρο, περιοχή Βαλαωρίτου)
Μπαρμπόπουλος Παναγιώτης 690 8769274


Το περιεχόμενο της ιστοσελίδας, αποτελεί πνευματική ιδιοκτησία της σχολής "Ελληνική Ένωση Κοσμικών Αποστόλων του Nαού Σαολίν".