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Master Shi Heng Jun 释恒君 (Shì héng jūn)

shihengjun-fawangsiGREEK_FLAG_BIGfrance_flagspain_flag释恒君法师,俗名 董龙萍 山东济宁市人,生于孔孟之乡,自幼习武,1984年投师于河南省嵩山少林寺,拜少林寺大德高僧,易学泰斗,现任嵩山大法寺方丈 释延佛大和尚为师,随师学习武功及易学,1986 - 1991年连续五年获得少林弟子精英赛冠军,1995年出任嵩山少林寺俗家弟子武术学校校长兼总教 练,2000年在少林寺举办的首局世界少林寺俗家弟子武术会上被推选为会长。2003年走访欧洲,法国,德国,受到法国前总理先生的亲切接见。在法国成立 了少林寺俗家弟子国际禅武会,现任会长。

Master Shi Heng Jun 恒君 (Shì héng jūn) of the 35th generation of Shaolin combatant monks, was born in 1966 in a family that practiced martial arts for generations in Shan Dong Province 山东 (Shān dōng), China.

With great interest in Chinese martial arts, Master Shi Heng Jun began his training in Xing Yi Quan 形意拳 (Xíng yì quán) “The art of the heart and the mind”, as well as traditional Qi Gong 气功 (Qì gōng) “Cultivation of vital energy” with his grandfather at the age of six. Later he became a student under the supervision of monk Shi Yan Fo 释延佛 (Shì yán fú) who was one of the 34th generation’s supreme masters of the Shaolin Temple and abbot of the Fa Wang Temple 发王 (Fā wáng sī).

Under Shi Yan Fo’s strict supervision and training and after many cold winters and hot summers of training, Master Shi Heng Jun reached the highest level of combatant Shaolin, having achieved knowledge on all 18 categories of weapons as well as inner and outer Qi Gong. AT the same time he also practices Feng Shui 风水 (Fēng shuǐ) with his master.

He has specialized in the greatest achievement of Yi Jin Jing 易筋经 (Yì jīn jīng) “"Muscle/Tendon Change Classic" and the “36 combinations of direct Shaolin combat”.

During autumn in 1986, at the first annual martial arts competition held by the Shaolin Monastery, Shi Heng Jun won the championship with the form Tai Zu Chang Quan 太祖长拳 (Tài zǔ chǎng quán) “The long fist of the first emperor of the Sung dynasty”, as well as the sword and blades.

In 1987 he was called to take part in “Open Martial Arts Championship of the Wu Dang Mountains” 武当山 (Wǔ dāng shān)" and won the greatest distinction. In 1989 he became member of the national federation of Shaolin martial arts.

In 1995 he was moved and made headmaster of the 1st Public School of Shaolin martial arts. In 1998 he is awarded with the “Chinese Youth”, an award given by the Chinese nation only to those with the highest level on martial arts.

shi heng jun - shiba luohan-shaolinIn the year 2000, thanks to the greatness of his practice in martial arts and his study in Zen 禅 (Chan) philosophy, the organization of Shaolin martial arts in Deng Feng city, Shaolin Wushu Association 少林武术协会, elected master Shi Heng Jun 释恒君 as one of the “18 enlightened” 十八罗汉 (Shiba Luohan). A distinction that is only awarded to the most eminent combatant monks.

During the year 2002 he is transferred in Fa Wang Temple and made headmaster of the Shaolin combatant monks of the monastery. Ever since he supervises the “Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple’s Union in China” 中国少林寺俗家弟子武术会, a selected team of students with only purpose to maintain and spread the true spirit and values of Shaolin, in China and the rest of the world.

In the year 2005 the monk Shi Heng Jun, approved the transition of the Greek master Shi Miao Dian 妙滇 (Shì miào diān) as his emissary in Greece, with purpose of establishing the first approved Greek Centre of Shaolin Gong Fu martial arts training under the name "Shaolin Temple Secular Disciples Union in Greece". It was officially opened in 18th of January 2006 in the area of Ilion - Athens.

shi heng jun - shaolin wushu mingjiaIn the year 2017 the organization of Shaolin martial arts in Deng Feng city “Shaolin Wushu Association” 少林武术协会, after carefully evaluating everyone that is considered greatly for their martial art’s skills by the public, and also for their martial ethics as well as their extraordinary contribution in spreading the Shaolin Gong Fu across the globe, awarded our Great Master Shi Heng Jun with the highest among the three titles Shaolin Wushu Mingjia 少林武术名家 “Most famous Shaolin Masters of this generation”. A tittle assuring our Master’s extraordinary contribution and valid propagation of the Shaolin martial arts as well as the Shaolin culture inside and outside China.

In the year 2012, he was invited to take up the role of abbot for the Guang xiao si 广孝寺 (Guāngxiào sì), in Xiang San 象山 (Xiàngshān ) area of Zheng Zhou 郑州 (Zhèngzhōu) city, in He Nan 河南 (Hénán) province.

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Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple's Union in Greece
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