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Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple's Union in Greece

Shaolin Temple Secular Disciples Union - Shi Heng JunIn the year 2005 the master Shi Heng Jun 释恒君 (Shì héng jūn) of the 35th generation of combatant Shaolin monks, approved the transition of teacher Shi Miao Dian 释妙滇 (Shì miào diān) as an apostle in Greece, with purpose the creation of the first authorized Greek Shaolin Gong Fu training center. It officially opened in 18 of January in 2006 in Ilion - Athens. The formal name of this center was given by the master Shi Heng Jun and it is, "Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple's Union in Greece" 希腊少林寺俗家弟子武术会 (Xīlà shàolínsì sújiā dìzǐ wǔshù huì).

Later Miao Dian requested the transition of his "brother" Miao Jie 妙杰 (Miào jié) to Greece from the monk Heng Jun. In 13 of October in 2006 the teacher Miao Jie came to Greece, as part of the support provided by the master Heng Jun towards the Greek Shaolin School.

The "Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple's Union in Greece", aims to spread the arts and the spirit of the traditional Shaolin Gong Fu 少林功夫 (Shàolín gōng fu) in Athens - Greece.

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Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple's Union in Greece
Ελληνική Ένωση Κοσμικών Αποστόλων του Ναού Σαολίν


Ιπποδάμειας 79 Ίλιον 
Μιάο Ντιέν 妙滇 (Miào diān) 210 2693754 - 694 0075311

Ιάσονος Μαράτου 14 Ζωγράφου
Ιωάννης Καναβός 697 3965266


Καθολικών 4 (κέντρο, περιοχή Βαλαωρίτου)
Μπαρμπόπουλος Παναγιώτης 690 8769274


Το περιεχόμενο της ιστοσελίδας, αποτελεί πνευματική ιδιοκτησία της σχολής "Ελληνική Ένωση Κοσμικών Αποστόλων του Nαού Σαολίν".